The Land That Shivers



Based on true events, The Land that Shivers is an emotionally intense story of survival that becomes an uplifting tale of the power of tenacity and the victory of the human spirit. Giving a glimpse into the challenges of life in post colonial Africa, it follows the story of Asa, a young Nigerian man who in the midst of crumbling infrastructure and the unrelenting greed of the country’s leaders must carve out a living for himself and his family.

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With truly evocative prose, a surpassingly accomplished skill at creating the most vivid sense of place, and with exceedingly strong and potent writing, Ufondu tells a fascinating, interweaving story about a young man growing to adulthood amidst unbeatable odds against his own survival.

– Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers’ Favorite 

The Land that Shivers is an absorbing novel about lives derailed by government corruption that paints a picture more lasting than a library full of political studies titles.

– Susan Waggoner, Foreward Reviews

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